Von Waaden Residence

Located in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles, this home stands to be an example on the tree lined street in which is resides.

With the front and backyard lawn was removed, to make room for an alternative  to the conventional lawn, a new standard for the American home is being developed.  Water conservation measures were installed within the existing irrigation, a dry river bed was designed for rain to replenish local water tables and all rain gutters were directed into the land for further water infiltration.

A food forest was planted to provide fruit and nuts while being accentuated with other native and local drought tolerant plants.  The urbanite from the backyard  was used to create dimension, height and a pathway giving this front yard vitality and a new habitat for local flora and fauna.

The swimming pool was completely reconstructed to integrate energy efficient systems, seal leaks and converted the pool to a saline solution.  An alternative that  has proven to be a more sustainable solution to the traditional chlorine based pool.  All plants designed in the backyard are drought tolerant and native to Mediterranean climates.


Pool Side

Plant Selection