Friends of the Earth | Berkeley

Friends of the Earth is an international non-profit working on environmental, social, political and human rights issues. Their campaigns stretch beyond the traditional arena of the conservation movement and seek to address the economic and development aspects of sustainability.

Friends of the Earth moved from their San Francisco high rise office to the LEED certified David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley, CA.

Astrid Design incorporated mid-century vintage furniture with furniture that was donated, all while creating a cohesive and elegant solution. All decor and furniture was sourced second-hand, offering an eclectic and fun working environment. Acoustic panels proved to have form and function in this intimate setting, creating a dynamic wall montage throughout the space. Designing a space with privacy and with the illusion of partitions, in an open floor-plan, was a challenge well accommodated.



Conference Room – A space that can function as a stand alone office, a place to gather and of course for weekly meetings.



With an open floor plan, designing a space with proper acoustics and division of space is key.



Up-cycling and reusing as much as possible was the natural foundation for this project.



Integrating a workspace with the reception allowed for the open floor plan to seamlessly flow.



1950’s vintage chairs with contrasting vintage maple table complete this intimate reception space.



Integrating elements of nature, such as these vintage cattails, was important as a nod to the work that FOE is doing.